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by Warren Slater
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Ends: 11:15am Sunday 13 November 2016 (duration is 1 day)

The count has started to the Hotham DOTS weekend, only 27 sleeps to go!

What do you need to do to be apart of one of the BIGGEST Bandido adventures on our calendar.

1. Reply to this email and confirm you are coming, ideally to
2. Do your best to negotiate an early escape from work on Friday the 11th of November
3. Look in your kit of bike bits for a cassette the size of a pizza dish
4. Transfer $135 to the Bayside Bandido account BSB 033060 Acc 263073, get in early and you’ll get a bed rather than some floor space.

We have booked the houses, Montebello and Whistler, that’s 20 beds, If we need accommodation beyond that we will look try for more at Bright on Track.



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